Breakthrough, Inc.

Breakthrough, Inc. is a sales and marketing consulting firm that enables companies involved in complex, high-value sales - including software, systems, medical and capital equipment and services businesses- to use Buyer Focused Selling (Buying 2.0) practices to dramatically improve sales results. In addition, we specialize in improving sales teams' ability to do effective territory and strategic account planning and implementation.

If you are like most Sales/Sales Ops Executives, you experience challenges like:

  • Achieving aggressive sales targets
  • Bringing new products to market and penetrating new market segments 
  • Winning market share in competitive markets and  
  • Significantly improving return on Sales and Marketing efforts. 

We can help you respond to these challenges and:

  • Improve your team’s sales effectiveness
  • Facilitate the use of proven territory and account planning methods
  • Engage your team’s use of critical methods and tools
  • Coach the team even more effectively

How will this enable you to sell more?

Improving sales methods and creating and implementing effective sales plans improve sales productivity. According to SiriusDecisions’ Research Brief “Productivity: More than just the Topline,” this provides:

  • More Opportunities
  • Shorter sales cycles
  • Larger deal size
  • Higher win rates

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